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General Information on Bonus Deals

The different types of casino bonus that you can receive from online casinos are almost as varied as the number and variety of games themselves! The one thing that each bonus has in common, though, is the necessity to read through the terms and conditions in order to understand how they apply.

In a nutshell, bonuses give you extra playing money and offered to you FREE by many casinos. With the fierce competition between all the online gambling establishments competing for your patronage, the bonuses are incentives to keep you returning faithfully to the casino that provides you with the best bonuses.

The most common bonus is the Match Bonus which matches a percentage of your deposit anywhere from 40%-500%. You can also get a bonus when you refer a friend to a particular casino.

Once your friend creates an account, makes a deposit, and starts to play you will receive a bonus which is most often a flat dollar rate. Banking Bonuses offer you extra playing money (either percentage or flat dollar rate) if you pay by an online banking method rather than credit card.

These and other bonuses all differ at the many casinos online, and should be looked at carefully so you know exactly what the bonus structure is. 

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Benefits which can be grabbed

The biggest benefit about the numerous bonuses is that they are all intended to boost your monetary playing power.

Let's use as an example a casino which offers you a 100% match bonus in addition to a $30 banking bonus because you've put down your deposit with a bank service.

If you deposit $200 of your own money, you get to play with $430. This is from your initial $200, $200 from the 100% match offered by the casino, and the $30 banking bonus total benefit from bonuses comes to $230!

To see all the latest bonuses from the best casinos, take a look through our Casino Reviews section. This section will give you the chance to compare the offered bonuses to decide which you find works best for yourself and what you want out of an online casino.

How to choose the best bonus deal from an online casino

You have probably all seen the latest adverts for casinos online and know just how easy it is to get online and start playing.  If you thought it required a tricky process to sign up, it is simply not true.  Whether you like gambling, playing games, or just spending some time alleviating the boredom, then you might have considered it too.  You will not be alone either with the biggest sites having millions of new members every year.

Setting up your account is the simple part.  All you need to do is to provide an email address and a valid payment network.  Some sites do not even require that, and allow you to get started using play money.  Basically anyone can play entirely for free using play money.  Many sites also allow you to use electronic payment methods such as PayPal and Moneybookers so you do not have to give them your credit card information. 

Although I am sure that there would be no problem with giving your details to more established companies, some people tend to prefer to keep an extra layer of security between them and the site they are dealing with.

As mentioned, setting up the account is simple, it is choosing which of the many online casinos to go for that is difficult.  If you do an google search for online casinos you will get page upon page of casinos all trying to get your business.  It is a competitive world out there, and to get your attention many sites give incentives to tempt you to join. 

There are many different deals that range from deposit bonuses, some of the them are generous, others not so much, free spins, and even no deposit bonuses to play any game you like.  Some casinos offer you free play time with a set amount of money, and you are allowed to use the winnings as a bonus. 

There are many inventive ways to tempt you to join.  One thing that is really worth looking out for is the wager requirement.  A wager requirement is how many times you need to play through your bonus (and possibly the bonus and the deposit) to take out the bonus. 

This is standard on all online casinos and prevents you from just treating the bonus as free money.  Look out for the size of the wager requirement and also look out for whether it includes the bonus and deposit or just the bonus.  The latter is a far better choice. 

You should take note whether the bonuses actually cover the games that you are interested in playing.  Some casinos only let certain games qualify for the wager requirement.  The games that are excluded are normally the low house edge games, so do not start playing thousands of games of blackjack before you know the online casino you are using counts it as a bonus game.

Lastly, it is worth noting that if you take a bonus you cannot withdraw your deposit until the bonus conditions are fulfilled.  Take note of this before you sign up – you can always opt out.

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