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Introduction   |   Strategy   |   The Rules   |   Tips
Baccarat Game   Made famous by James Bond, clad in black tie attire, and played with a martini “shaken, not stirred”, baccarat brings to mind the illusion of a game for the rich and famous. For some reason, this simple to grasp game has many running scared that it’s only for the high rollers. To be sure, casinos may win or lose millions in the course of a night, but YES…this game can be, and is, played by us regular people!

When you are betting on baccarat, you are betting on which of the two factions (player or banker) who will win the hand. The hand is won, unlike poker with the best combination of cards, by the player with the cards whose accumulated total is closest to 9. If you so choose you can bet on a tie, but this is not recommended.

The cards each have a numerical value assigned to them. 10’s, J’s, Q’s, and K’s all have zero points. All other cards have the value of their number with the exception of the Ace which is always valued at 1 point.

The play is between the player and banker, each of which try to get a value of 9, either through their first two dealt cards, or from drawing a third card. After the drawing of the third card, if there is one, the hand closest to the value of 9 wins. It’s that simple. If either the player or the banker has an 8 or a 9 (also known as a natural) on their initial deal of cards, none further are drawn.

After the winning hand is chosen, the bets are either collected or paid out.
Playing Baccarat   Real strategies in Baccarat don’t really exist. Oh sure, you will find a plethora of people who have devised the “perfect strategy” for playing this game, but it’s purely a game of chance. A player only has control on where they place their bid. However, there are a few ideas which can help you play effectively!

For starters, don’t wager on the Tie bet. Sure it sounds alluring with its promise of a lovely payout, but the payout won’t happen if the hand doesn’t.

With a house advantage of 5% or greater, this does not smile favorably upon the player wagering on a tie.

The banker or the player, who to bet on? With the house having the edge it’s a pretty safe bet (usually, but not always) to place your bet on the banker. There are plenty of times when the player wins though, and this should be kept in mind at all times. It’s still a game of chance, so anything goes!

The numbers of decks used in the game do have a factor in the advantage between player and banker. The less decks used, the greater the advantage in betting on the banker. Should you be able to find a table which uses only one deck, betting on the banker is widely advised.

Remember that when you first want to play Baccarat, you will definitely want to play some practice hands just to get used to it. Even if you are not the player in question, the betting and adjusting the mindset to counting only the value of the cards up to a value of 9, is invaluable experience in itself!
Casino Baccarat   The players at the table begin by placing their wagers on whether they think the banker will win the hand, the player will win the hand, or the hand will result in a tie. The cards are then alternatively dealt: 1 to player, 1 to dealer, 1 to player, and last to dealer.

If either the player or dealer totals an 8 or 9 (also called a natural) no further cards are drawn, and the hand dealt the natural wins. If no natural wins the rules slightly differ for the player and the banker. Keep in mind the player gets to draw first.

Rules for the player:

If his cards total from 0-5, there is a draw for a third card
Player stands on a 6-7
Player also stands on a count of 8-9 which is considered a “natural”

Rules for the banker:

If the banker totals 0-3 points he must draw another card, regardless of the player’s total
If the dealer totals 4, and the player between 2-7, the dealer must draw
If the dealer totals 5, and the player totals 4-7, the dealer must draw
If the dealer totals 6, and the player totals 6-7 dealer must draw BUT ONLY if the player achieved that total with 3 cards. If the player totals 6-7 with only 2 cards the dealer must stand
If the dealer totals 7, he must stand
If the dealer totals 8 or 9, both dealer and player stand.
Now it’s only a case of the losing bets being collected, and the winning bets paid out for even money.

Simple as they are, these are the rules for Baccarat. There really is not a lot for the players to recall other than the 3 rules of standing and drawing. Be sure to read through our tips and strategies for ideas on how to increase your winning potential with this excitement filled game!
Live Casino Baccarat   The best tip we can offer (though we can provide a few more) is to be a careful judge of what casino you choose to gamble with. When sorting through the myriad of casinos found on the web, this can be an almost defeatist task. If you want to find one of the best online casinos, just go to our Casino Review section and click the link to the one which works best for you. We carefully scrutinize all of our casinos so that you only get the ones which provide the best payouts, winning odds, and satisfaction.

When searching for a casino, you want to make sure you have one which offers free rooms or practice rooms for Baccarat. It can never be stressed enough, the importance of taking the opportunity to practice for free rather than practicing with the money you worked hard to earn. You want to get used to both the play of the game, as well as the layout of the table.

One thing to NOT pay attention to is the history of the game. So many people keep track of previous winners between banker and player, but it’s all a game of chance with house odds fairly evenly matched. Yes, depending on the amount of decks in play the banker may have a slight advantage, but who’s to say where the cards may fall?

Once you’re done practicing, just head into the game with the confidence in yourself to just place the wagers where you want to. After the bets are laid down, it’s all up to the cards…so pace yourself, have fun, and let the cards favor you!

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