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Sic Bo game
Introduction   |   Strategy   |   The Rules   |   Tips
Try Sic Bo FREE   A game originating in ancient China, Sic Bo (literally translated Precious Dice) is played with dice on it’s own special table. It’s actually quite a simple game to play once you get past the table and the combinations you can bet on. The object of the game is to place wagers on the table which bet on the outcome of the 3 dice which are shaken and rolled. You are betting on either the individual numbers or combination of numbers which you hope will show up on the dice.

Once all the players at the table have placed their bets where they want to on the table, the dealer shakes the dice in a shaker and rolls them out. After considering the dice, the winning wagers are paid out according to a payout schedule which will be marked out for you.

There are 7 ways in which to place bets on this game: Dice Face, Two Faces, Triple, Totals, Small or Big, Any Triple, and Any Pair. Further details on the types of bets can be found under our Rules section. When you place the bet it will be on either the numbers themselves which come up or on the totals of the dice added up, in varying forms.

Packed with excitement and a non-stress playing style, this game is sure to offer hours of amusement for those who enjoy the dice/guessing types of games.
Play Casino Sic Bo   When it comes to Sic Bo the best strategy is to know the odds of each particular wager…and these may just be different from what you might be used to!

While a lowly hand in poker, 2 of a kind in Sic Bo is vastly different. With this wager the house advantage is 33% which is not very favorable to the player, a vast understatement to put it mildly. The most popular wager, and the one which offers the best advantage to the player, is the Small and Big.
The house only has an advantage of about 3% so this is definitely the wager to use when you first start playing the game.

With the exception of playing Totals, here’s a breakdown of the other 6 wagers and their house advantage:

Dice Face: 8%
Two Faces: 17%
Small or Big: 3%
Triple: 30%
Any Triple: 30%
Any Pair: 33%

When wagering in Totals, the house advantage there varies according to the total chosen. The house advantage of each particular number is as follows:

4 or 17: 29.1%
5 or 16: 47.22%
6 or 15: 30.5%
7 or 14: 9.7%
8 or 13: 12.5%
9 or 12: 18.9%
10 or 11: 12.5%
Should you decide to play on the Totals wager, you really need to familiarize yourself with the house advantage in order to play to YOUR best advantage.

This will give you an idea as to why it’s so important to know the house advantage; this game is truly one of playing the odds unless you choose to stick with Small or Big. However, when you do get the dice in your favor, you’ll get very nice payouts.
Sic Bo Strategy   The rules are fairly simple in Sic Bo, and only actually hinge on your wager.

The 7 types of wagers in this game are:

» Dice Face: This is a bet on a single number that one or all of the dice show. If one dice shows the payout is 1:1, if 2 show payout is 2:1, if 3 show payout is 3:1

»Two Faces: You place a bet on any 2 numbers that you will show up on any 3 of the dice. If you bet on 3 and 5 and they show up, you win. Payoff is 5:1 on this bet

» Totals: You place a bet on the total value added up from all 3 dice, selecting a total from 4-17. Payout on this varies according to the number.

» Small or Big: You are betting on the range the total added value of the dice will fall in. A “small” bet is on the total being 4-10 and a “big” bet is one on the total falling from 11-17. If a triple comes up though, you lose and the house collects.

» Triple: wagers here are betting that the total of all 3 dice will be a specific number. Payout is 150:1 which sounds great…but this is a very rare occurrence!

» Any Triple: This is a bet that the dice will roll a 3 of a kind

» Any Pair: You are betting on 2 of a kind

The house advantage in this game vary in a huge degree….from a 3% advantage betting on Small or Big to a whopping 47.22% when betting on 5 or 16 in a Totals bet.

After the dice have settled from their roll the dealer pays out the winnings according to the payoff chart you will find listed on the table.

A simple game, when you get past the initial confusion of the amount of different bets you can play on.
Sic Bo   The best tip we can give you is to become very familiar with the house advantage on the various wagers of this game. The advantages are vastly different – from a 3% house advantage to a monstrous 47.22%, and filling all the range in between!

Trying to remember all of the percentages while in the midst of play can seem quite daunting, so it would definitely be worth your while to read our Strategy section and make note of the different advantages to the different wagers available.

It’s also a very good idea to practice a few (or more) games of Sic Bo in a free room or practice room. The game play in itself is very simple (place your bet and wait to see the roll of the dice) but the table can be a little intimidating the first time you look at it. The free/practice plays will enable you to look at the table without the clutter of confusion going on in your mind when you feel you are ready to take on this game (not as scary as it sounds).

The best place to find free rooms to practice Sic Bo is in our Casino Review section. You will find not only casinos which offer Sic Bo and free rooms, but will find only the best casinos offering them. We provide you with unbiased links to casinos with an established reputation of customer satisfaction, timely payouts, proven player wins, and a high customer rating.

The games are only as good as the casinos providing them, so you want to find the casino which gives you the biggest bang for your money.
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